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Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

At Luminous Dentistry, we are committed to incorporating the most up-to-the-minute advancements in dental technology for the sake of providing top-notch quality treatments to you and your loved ones.


One way we are able to achieve this is by providing procedures that involve soft tissue laser treatments. As the name implies, this type of laser targets the soft tissues of the mouth. 

These laser procedures are highly versatile and give us the chance to treat gum problems in a way that delivers several benefits:

● Minimally invasive

● Faster results

● Reduced treatment time

● Faster recovery and healing

● Minimal to no discomfort

With laser dentistry, it is possible to perform various dental procedures wherein no damage is caused to the surrounding tissues while treating the specific area of focus. Moreover, laser techniques ensure that you get maximum comfort while going through the dental procedure.


As soft tissue lasers are capable of absorbing water and hemoglobin, they are highly suitable for treating problems in the soft tissue. They also include Neodymium YAG with diode lasers, which not only kill the bacteria in the mouth but also activate the tissue re-growth. The laser would target the area of treatment with extreme precision in order to minimize any damage to the adjacent areas.

Some of the most frequently performed soft tissue laser procedures are:

Soft tissue lasers are capable of stopping the bleeding by sealing the nerve lining and exposed blood vessels. This procedure also reduces post-treatment inflammation. This helps in healing the tissues faster, which is why this procedure is highly preferred these days. Moreover, the entire procedure is remarkably hygienic.

● Gingivectomies

● Crown lengthening

● Removing soft tissue lesions

● Ablating and removing aphthous ulcers

● Treatment of tongue frenulum attachment

● Treating gummy smile

These procedures are quite uncomplicated, quick, and painless. Instead of involving an injection to numb the area that needs treatment, we use a numbing gel. Also, you can expect a short post-procedure recovery period. It generally takes only a couple of days for the treated area to be back to normal.


Soft tissue laser therapy is appealing to people who get anxious about dental treatments. To know more about the soft tissue laser treatment available at Luminous Dentistry, call us today or schedule an appointment.

Dental Laser

We offer laser treatment for various treatment modalities, including periodontal pocket reduction, esthetic gingival surgery, soft tissue surgeries, and other intraoral cosmetic procedures. This enables us to achieve the desired result in a sophisticated way without any surgical tissue manipulation.