Best Family Dentist - Luminous Dentistry

Digital Dentistry


We use CBCT technology to diagnose and treatment plant the implant placement along with the restoration. This enables us to precisely understand the anatomy and various facial structures while educating the patient as well. We have a robust and ultra-modern software system, which we use along with CBCT scan to create a virtual plan before dental implant placement.

Digital scanning & 3-D printing

In our state-of-the-art facility, we use sprint trays, 3D printing technology, and an iTero digital scanner to treatment plan any case and deliver the best care to our patients. We also have an in-house milling system to mill and deliver the dental crowns on the same day.

Complete digital solution

At Luminous Dentistry, we use modern and very latest software to deliver the best care to our patients. We do not use any form of manual dentistry methods, such as making impressions or sending work to an outside lab. Our in-house integrated digital laboratory system enables us to do very efficient treatment at the highest standard of care.