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Dental Cleaning and Screening

Preventive dentistry is a combination of exceptional dental hygiene and regular checkups. On-time preventive dental checkups can lower your risk of developing cavities, gum diseases, tooth decay, and severe dental issues. This further helps in reducing the risk of developing secondary health problems caused by unhealthy gums and teeth. Moreover, early detection of a dental problem can reduce the cost of treatment and the procedure as well.

To maintain optimal oral health, the American Dental Association recommends frequent visits to dental clinics determined by a dentist. It is common that most dental conditions don't show any serious symptoms in the beginning, which is why regularly getting your teeth examined can save them from any significant damage.

The overall dental assessment and evaluation also include taking a dental x-ray, which assists us in examining the jawbone and your oral structures below the gum line for possible cavities or infection, which is usually not visible to the naked eye. We advise that dental cleaning should be performed routinely within every six months to get rid of plaque, tartar, and stains.