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Smile Makeover

A dental crown acts as a cap over a broken tooth. Various materials, such as porcelain or metal, are used to create it. You might have a crown covering a molar, but until you yawn, you hardly ever see it. Alternatively, you might have custom-made crowns on your front teeth that were made to look just like your natural teeth. When selecting a crown for a patient, several things are considered, such as Cost, durability, strength, and cosmetics.

A dental crown with a natural appearance is also vital for many people since many people do not want others to know they have a dental crown. Dr. Ahmed can go over the different options you have with you to help you decide what will best meet your needs for your oral health. Creating a dental crown can be done using various materials, some of which are listed as follows: Zirconia, metal, composite resin, porcelain, ceramic, zirconia, zirconia, or a mix of materials.

A Smile Makeover is What ?

A smile makeover is not a particular medical procedure. Instead, it is an approach method that takes care of every flaw in your smile's appearance. The procedure starts with a cosmetic consultation, during which Dr. Ahmed will discuss your objectives and aspirations, assess your suitability for particular cosmetic procedures, and take some pictures of your mouth to begin paving the path to your ideal appearance.


Dr. Ahmed will take more than simply theoretical approaches to improve the appearance of your teeth. He will pay close attention to every detail of your smile, including the size of your teeth, the angle of your smile, and the texture of the soft tissues surrounding your teeth.

What Types of treatments Include A Smile Makeover?

Dr. Ahmed might include the following cosmetic procedures in your smile makeover plan: 

 Teeth whitening: to eliminate years' worth of stains from coffee, red wine, and other discoloring agents.

● Porcelain veneers: They can be used to modify teeth and hide slight misalignment.

● Treatment for wrinkles to make your whole face look younger.

● Metal-free restorations that strengthen broken teeth without compromising their aesthetics.

What are the Benefits of a Smile Makeover?

According to studies, those with attractive smiles and healthy-looking teeth are seen as younger and more successful than those with apparent dental problems. Your newfound confidence may help you ask that particular someone out on a date, get that well-deserved promotion, or shine at your subsequent high school reunion.


Your oral health could go better with a smile makeover. Your efforts to maintain the effects of a cosmetic procedure can help you avoid tooth decay and gum disease. For instance, good oral hygiene is essential to prevent new stains on teeth.

Why Do You Need A smile Makeover?

You might be a great candidate for a grin makeover if:

● Your teeth suffer from severe aesthetic faults such as extreme discoloration, cracked teeth, or tiny gaps between them.

● Both your dental and general health are fair.

Dr. Ahmed is pleased to offer smile makeovers to people in Wakefield and the surrounding communities like Lynnfield, Reading, and Peabody. He's trying to make you feel and look your best! To arrange your cosmetic consultation, get in touch with our office right away. 

Smile Design

We have digital methods and technology to create a virtual and 3-D printed smile makeover of any patient who wishes to know the results before completing any treatment. This enables patients to evaluate their smile before any changes are made to their present smile.