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Oral Cancer Screenings

As a part of preventive dentistry, oral cancer screenings are also performed at our clinic to check for any signs of abnormal tissues. The purpose of oral cancer screening is to identify cancer at an early stage which gives the benefit of starting the treatment at the earliest. This makes the treatment less invasive and has a better success rate. Identified at an advanced stage, oral cancer can spread to other area which makes the treatment complex.

We perform an oral cancer screening in order to detect any precancerous lesions which could develop into mouth cancer. Such lesions have chances to be removed and cured, if detected at an early stage. People who have high risk of oral cancer should consider regular check ups. Even though any one can develop oral cancer, however, there are certain factors that increase the risk:

● Use of tobacco

● Heavy consumption of alcohol

● Family history of oral cancer

● Prolonged exposure to sun

You can let us know if you had been facing symptoms that had been persistent and troublesome. Some of such symptoms may include:

● Mouth ulcers and sore which aren’t healing

● Unexplained bleeding

● Pain in the mouth

● Difficulty in swallowing

● Growth or lump in your mouth

● Red patches in your mouth
For more information on oral cancer screenings, you can contact us to schedule an appointment.