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Athletic Mouth Guards

As a part of preventive dentistry, oral cancer screenings are also performed at our clinic to check for any signs of abnormal tissues. The purpose of oral cancer screening is to identify cancer at an early stage which gives the benefit of starting the treatment at the earliest. This makes the treatment less invasive and has a better success rate. Identified at an advanced stage, oral cancer can spread to other area which makes the treatment complex.

Do you regularly play any contact sport? If the answer is an affirmative, then it is crucial that you get a custom mouth guard which can protect your teeth and gums in case of any injury. A custom made athletic mouth guard would form a protective layer over your teeth which may reduce the risk of any possible injury. With the increase in participation in sports, the incidences of injuries have increased substantially too. Sports have accounted to more than 36% of injuries to both children and adults.


The American Dental Association has recommended use of athletic mouth guards for sports where the chances of impact and collision are high. Generic mouth guards are easily available at sports store; however custom athletic mouth guards are made to fit the unique contours of your mouth Protect your beautiful smile. Wear a mouth guard. If you hav any questions, please contact our clinic.